Raymond Rebranded

By Raymond Stone on December 31, 2018


Out with the old and in with the new. In 2018 I grew as a designer, as all designers or frankly anyone in their respective fields should no matter their crafts. However, while some years of growth are their own self-rewards, other years deserve special places in a designer's personal history. No better way to immortalize that place in history than an official brand redesign and a corresponding written piece that those in other circles would call a “press release.”

Avenir Next


In 2019 the Raymond brand will ditch the old Helvetica “R” in lieu of an “R” with the completely straight leg that seems more common than the curled leg in sans-serif typefaces. Helvetica might be the first typeface outside of Times or Arial that young and/or inexperienced designers learn and utilize before eventually discovering practical replacements by venturing into the cold, dark waters of typography. As my practical Helvetica replacement I will utilize Avenir Next, a descendent of the Adrian Frutiger typeface, Avenir. “Avenir,” inspired in part by Futura, literally means “future” in French. My love for French culture draws me to this typeface almost as much as the art of its characters.

Logo history.


The history of the “R” logo goes back to my love for math and physics that I've had since my elementary school teachers and classmates considered me a math wiz, and since my early days of college where I began as a math major. The many brilliant brains in the scientific community who consider the triangle the strongest shape inspired me to incorporate it into the original “R” logo. In this latest redesign I sought to keep the triangle while transforming the “R” into a more versatile mark. The result: a new fully custom hand-drawn “R” that communicates more effectively at smaller sizes, greater distances, and in more forms of media while paying homage to the previous “R,” which satisfies the nostalgia addict in me.

Logo versatility.


I am also writing this post because despite all I have learned as a designer I went just about the entire year without a written piece and I did not want to leave this year empty. Happy New Year!


Raymond Stone
BA in Art Practice, UC Berkeley
User Experience Designer

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