Pantry Labs PowerPoint Redesign

Graphic Design

Pantry Labs (now Byte Technology)

My Role
Redesign a PowerPoint presentation.

Pantry Labs, a deployer of grab and go food kiosks, needed a PowerPoint presentation redesigned before delivering it to the leadership board of the "Fresh from Florida" program. "Fresh from Florida" tries to solve the "food desert" problem in Florida.

Pantry’s goal was to convince the board that Pantry would be a great solution to the food desert problem because Pantry is cost-effective.

Upon receiving the original presentation the first thing I noticed was the excessive whitespace, which made it seem plain and uninspiring. As you can see I solved this with a somewhat liberal use of the brand’s signature burnt orange.

The company logo is one of the most important pieces of a brand. The original presentation only uses the Pantry logo on the title page, so I incorporated an alternate version of it on each of the following pages to subliminally remind the viewer throughout that Pantry will be the partner in solving the food desert program.

Other changes included making the title page slogan entirely lowercase to match the logo and removing all of the black text because I don’t believe black text is in the spirit of the brand.

The original first slide (left) and the redesign (right).

The original second slide (left) and the redesign (right).

The original third slide (left) and the redesign (right).

The original fourth slide (left) and the redesign (right).

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