Improving Instagram With a Sorting System

By Raymond Stone on March 1, 2017 on Medium

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Pain point.

Have you ever visited an Instagram profile with thousands upon thousands of images and videos and wanted to see the oldest posts only to discover no functionality for efficiently doing so exists? If not, check out a profile of a large brand and see for yourself. I dare you to scroll until you reach the oldest post.

If you don’t feel like doing that then I’ll spoon-feed you the results from when I scrolled the length of the San Francisco Giants profile on the desktop version of Instagram when they had 4,562 posts on February 17, 2017: getting to their oldest post took twelve minutes of continuous scrolling; lagging behind, the thumbnail previews appeared eight minutes after I reached the bottom. The process took twenty minutes! No app or website should force users to spend twenty minutes to complete fundamental tasks.

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