Redesigning an Intranet Website


2018 - 2019


UX Designer

  • Director of UX and Content Strategy
  • UX Strategist
  • Copywriter
  • Account Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Art Director
  • Group Account Director
  • Web Developer

Citi Ventures, the innovation arm of Citigroup, sought a redesign of their intranet website. This agile project involved a series of sprints anchored by daily scrums, internal brainstorms, and onsite meetings with the Citi Ventures team. Due to the discreet nature of intranet you can probably understand why I avoided providing visuals for this project.

Taking over for the Director of UX and Content Strategy, I led UX strategy for the latter half of the project. At the beginning of the project I created user personas with assistance from a strategist and a copywriter, made sitemap updates, and contributed light UI production. Throughout most of the project I built the wireframes for each page based on the copy deck and with assistance from the strategist.


Citi Ventures shares a content management system (CMS) with other Citi groups, and the redesign needed to take place within this platform. The CMS presented many design and technical limitations, including: no inline CSS, a current site built using tables instead of divs, a locked 900px interface, and various uneditable features throughout

As a team we designed and developed modules based on all possible content so the Citi Ventures team can plug them into the CMS for necessary future customizations following our redesign. In the redesign we took the content provided by Citi Ventures and structured each page to create an intranet website with a consistent logical flow of content based on UX design intended to create a seamless pipeline from initial contact all the way through calls-to-action. We achieved this while giving them a fresh new look and feel within their branding guidelines and within the design and technical limitations of the CMS.

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