Mission and Objective

My mission is to design experiences that people want to enjoy over and over again. I want to grow into a design leader, both as a future creative director and either formal or informal educator. Open to all industries, I am particularly interested in the areas of media, sports, and science.

—Raymond Stone


Welcome to my portfolio website that I designed and hand-coded thanks to years of front-end web development practice along with experience contributing interaction and visual designs to numerous award-winning websites and apps.

My name is Raymond Stone and I am a user experience (UX) designer based in San Francisco. I have academic backgrounds in math, psychology, and art, along with professional backgrounds in marketing, graphic design, and interaction design.


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Raymond as part of the UX team at Eveo. During the year that we worked together, he quickly adapted to the fast-paced agency environment and grew in his role as an Interaction Designer. Raymond worked within technical, business, and user constraints to develop site maps, wireframes, and functional documentation for mobile and web-based projects. He collaborated with team members from all areas of the company to implement detailed feedback. Raymond was dependable, met deadlines, and managed his own daily workload. He was always willing to help out where needed and took up the challenge of learning new skills with interest and dedication. Raymond’s pleasant attitude and ability to manage shifting tasks and priorities made him a valued member of his project teams. I gladly recommend him for any interaction design position where he can continue to advance his skills and knowledge.

- Mel Salengo, User Experience Director at Eveo